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Battery Charge

The following icon and message will display.

Battery charge is low. Recharge it as soon as possible if it will be used for an extended period.

Change the battery pack

Battery charge is insufficient to operate the camera. Replace the battery immediately.

Battery Handling Precautions

' Keep the battery terminals clean at all times.

Dirty terminals may cause poor contact between the battery and camera. Polish the terminals with a soft cotton swab before charging or using the battery.

' At low temperatures, battery performance may be reduced and the low battery icon (©) may appear earlier than usual.

Under these conditions, revive the battery by warming it in a pocket immediately before use. i However, ensure that there are no metallic items in the pocket that could cause a short circuit, such as a key ring, etc.

The battery may be short circuiting. ' Do not allow any metal objects such as key rings to touch the (©) and (©) terminals (Fig. A). To carry the battery or store it during periods of disuse, always replace the terminal cover (Fig. B).

These conditions can damage the battery.

You may be able to check the charge state depending upon how the terminal cover is attached (Fig. C, D). Fig. C Fig. D

Charged Battery

Attach it so the A is visible

Charged Battery

Attach it so the A is visible

Spent Battery

Attach it the opposite way to Fig. C.

Spent Battery

Attach it the opposite way to Fig. C.

' You are recommended to use it in the camera until it is completely discharged and to store it in an indoor location with low relative humidity and between the temperatures of 0 - 30 °C (32 - 86 °F).

Storing a fully charged battery for long periods of time (about one year) may shorten its life cycle or affect its performance. If you do not use the battery for long periods of time, charge it fully and discharge it fully in the camera about once a year before returning it to storage.

Charging the Battery

Since this is a lithium-ion battery, you need not completely discharge it before recharging.

It takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to fully charge the battery from a depleted state (based on Canon's testing standards).

• Charging it within a temperature range of 5 - 40 °C (41 - 104 °F) is recommended.

• Charge times may vary according to the ambient temperature and the battery's charge state.

You are advised to charge the battery on the day of use, or one day before, to ensure a full charge. Even charged batteries continue to discharge naturally. If the performance of the battery diminishes substantially even when it is fully charged, its life has been exceeded and it should be replaced.

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