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High-Power Flash HF-DC1

This flash is used to supplement the camera's built-in flash when the subject is too far away for proper illumination. Use the following procedures to affix the camera and High-Power Flash to the supporting bracket.

Please read the instructions accompanying the flash along with this explanation.


(Comes with the flash)

0* The flash charge time will lengthen as the battery charge gets weaker. Always set the power/mode switch to [OFF] when you finish using the flash.

• Be careful not to touch the flash window or sensor windows with your fingers while the flash is in use.

• The flash may fire if another flash is being used in close proximity.

• The High-Power Flash may not fire outdoors in daylight or when there are no reflective items.

• For continuous shooting, although the flash fires for the first shot, it does not fire for subsequent shots.

• Fasten the attachment screws securely so that they do not loosen. Failure to do so may lead to the dropping of the camera and flash resulting in damage to both.


(Comes with the flash)

• Before attaching the bracket to the flash, check that the lithium battery (CR123A or DL123) is installed.

• To illuminate the subjects properly, install the flash so that it is up against the side of the camera and parallel with the camera's front panel.

• A tripod can be used even when the flash is attached.


•Charge becomes Severely Limited

If the battery usage time has considerably diminished, wipe the battery terminals well with a dry cloth. The terminals may be dirty from fingerprints.

•Usage in Cold Temperatures Get a spare generic lithium battery (CR123A or DL123). You are recommended to place the spare battery in your pocket to warm it up before switching it for the battery in the flash.

•Non-Use over Extended Periods Leaving batteries in the High-Power Flash could allow the battery fluid to leak, damaging the product. Remove the batteries from the High-Power Flash and store them in a cool, dry place.

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