Jeff Morgan

Stone Arch Bridge

Jeff Morgan used his 24 mm Tilt/Shift lens to correct perspective as he looked down on a landmark bridge. Working with 50% overlap, and Auto Exposure Bracket to produce a series of exposures, Morgan stitched together this beautiful High Dynamic Range (HDR) image.

"The highlights in the image come from the -2 stop image; the midtones from the correct exposure; and the shadows from the +2 stop image. It is important to keep the f/stop constant and bracket with the shutter speed so the DOF does not change. To make the images register correctly you need to take all the bracketed images in the same position first before moving the camera. The camera's auto-bracket function works well for this. The middle, or correct, exposure was 4 seconds at f/8.0. I then moved the camera to have a 50% overlap and took the next set of three images and so on," said Morgan. Canon 5D (FIG 10.17).

FIG 10.18

FIG 10.18

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