Quick Control Dial

Found on the back of every EOS prosumer model and EOS-1 camera, the Quick Control Dial works in conjunction with a great many of the camera's settings (the Rebel uses a set of Cross-Keys). You will use it to dial through the many Menu items, select AF (Auto Focus) points, make exposure adjustments, or just to check images on the LCD screen.

The Quick Control Dial is also used to change focus points. On the 1Ds Mark II, for example, the only way to move your focus point up and down (without employing a Custom Function) is to have the QC dial turned on (FIG 4.5).

FIG 4.3
FIG 4.4
FIG 4.5

Please note that, on EOS prosumer bodies, you will not be able to use the Quick Control Dial to make exposure changes unless the power switch is set to the second position (FIG 4.6).


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FIG 4.6

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