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If there is a problem, first refer to this Troubleshooting Guide.

Power Source

The battery cannot be recharged.

You are using the wrong battery. s Use Battery Pack BP-511 or BP-512. Hp.7)

The battery is not properly attached to the charger. s Attach the battery properly to the charger. (^p.22)

The camera does not operate even when the <d9 > switch is set to


The battery is exhausted.

s Change the battery pack. (^p.22)

The battery is not installed properly.

s Install the battery properly. (^p.24)

Battery compartment cover is not closed.

s Close the battery compartment cover tightly. (^p.24)

CF card slot cover is not closed.

s Load the CF card firmly until the CF card eject button pops out, then close the CF card slot cover tightly. (^p.28)

The access lamp still blinks even when the <d9> switch is set to


If you set the switch to < OFF > right after shooting, the access lamp will still blink for a few seconds while the image is recorded onto the CF card.

s When the camera finishes recording the image to the CF card, the access lamp will stop blinking and the power will turn off.

The battery becomes exhausted quickly.

The battery is not fully charged. s Recharge the battery fully. (^p.22) The battery's service life has expired. s Replace the battery with a new one. (^p.174)

The camera turns off by itself.

Auto power off is in effect.

s Set the <^> switch to <ON> again or set auto power off to [Off]. Hp.142)

Only the <dl> icon is displayed on the LCD panel.

The battery has almost exhausted. s Recharge the battery. (^p.22) Camera is not operating properly.

s Press the shutter button down halfway to reset the camera to normal. Hp.30)

* If the <czi> icon still appears, the camera needs repair. Take it to a Canon Service Center. (^back cover)


No images can be shot or recorded.

The CF card is not properly loaded. s Load the CF card properly. (^p.28) The CF card is full.

s Use a new CF card or erase unnecessary images. (^p.28, 117) The battery is exhausted. s Recharge the battery. (^p.22)

You did not focus well. (The focus confirmation light in the viewfinder blinked.) s Press the shutter button halfway and focus the subject. If you still cannot focus properly, focus manually. (^p.30, 71)

The LCD monitor does not display a clear image.

The LCD monitor screen is dirty. s Use a soft cloth to clean the screen. The LCD's service life has expired. s Contact your dealer or Canon Service Center.

The image is out of focus.

The lens focus mode switch is set to < MF > or < M >. s Set the lens focus mode switch to <AF>. (^p.27) Camera shake occured when you pressed the shutter button. s To prevent camera shake, hold the camera still and press the shutter button gently. Hp.30, 36)

The CF card cannot be used.

The data in the CF card is damaged. s Format the CF card. (^p.119) s Use the correct CF card. (^p.6, 175)

The message "C bC " appears on the LCD panel

The date/time battery is exhausted. s Replace the battery with a new one. (^p.155)

Image Review

er e

The image cannot be erased.

The image is protected. s Cancel the protection first. (^p.116)

The date and time is wrong.

The correct date and time has not been set. s Set the correct date and time. (^p.154)

No image appears on the TV screen

Video cable plugs are not inserted fully. s Insert the video cable plugs firmly all the way. (^p.115)

The correct video format (NTSC or PAL) has not been set. s Set the camera to the correct video format to match the TV set. Hp. 144)

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