E Adjustment of Printing Effects

In step 4 on page 142, select the printing effect. When the <e> icon is displayed next to press the <INFO.>

button. You can then adjust the printing effect. What can be adjusted or what is displayed will depend on the selection made in step 4.

• Brightness

The image brightness can be adjusted.

• Adjust levels

When you select [Manual], you can change the histogram's distribution and adjust the image's brightness and contrast.

With the Adjust levels screen displayed, press the <I > button to change the position of the <!>. Turn the <©> dial to freely adjust the shadow level (0 - 127) or highlight level (128 - 255).

• kBrightener

Effective in backlit conditions which can make the subject's face look dark. When [On] is set, the face will be brightened for printing.

Effective in flash images where the subject has red eye. When [On] is set, the red eye will be corrected for printing.

0 • When [Detail set.] is selected, you can adjust the [Contrast],

[Saturation], [Color tone], and [Color balance]. To adjust the [Color balance], use <9>. B is for blue, A is amber, M is magenta, and G is green. The color will shift in the respective direction. • When you select [Clear all], all the printing effect settings will be reverted to the default.

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Adjust levels




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