Hm Changing the File Name

The file name has four alphanumeric characters followed by a four-digit image number (p.79) and extension. The first four alphanumeric characters are set upon factory shipment and unique to the camera. However, you can change it.

With "User setting1," you can change and register the four characters as desired. With "User setting2," if you register three characters, the fourth character from the left will be appended automatically to indicate the image size.

Registering the File Name (first 4 characters)

Auto rotate OnQB-Format

File name setting File name 7E3B

Auto rotate OnQB-Format

File name setting File name 7E3B

IChange User sett 11131_|

Change User settings Preset code 7E3B user settins1 I«3. User setting IMG * image size mama

File name setting


Select [File name setting].

• Under the [5] tab, select [File name setting], then press <©>.

Select [Change User setting].

• Turn the <©> dial to select [Change User setting*], then press <©>.

Enter any alphanumeric characters.

• With User setting1, enter 4 characters. With User setting2, enter 3 characters.

• Operate the < © > dial or < 9 > to move the cursor to the right of the character to be deleted. Then press the < L > button to delete the character.

• Press the <^/fi> button, and the text palette will be highlighted in a color frame and text can be entered.

File name sett ins




. 0120456183

naïS Cancel


File name sett ins 1


|Fiie name




jjwage siz&l

Preset code


user sett insl


User setting


image size

ÎTB7T»] $

• Operate the <©> dial or <9> to move the □ and select the desired character. Then press <©> to enter it.

• Enter the required number of alphanumeric characters, then press the <MENU> button.

► The new file name will be registered and the screen in step 2 will reappear.

4 Select the registered file name.

• Turn the <©> dial to select [File name], then press <©>.

• Turn the <©> dial to select the registered file name.

• If User setting2 has been registered, select "*** (the 3 characters registered) + image size."

9 About User setting2

When you select the "*** + image size" registered with User setting2 and take pictures, the image size character will be automatically appended as the file name's fourth character from the left. The meaning of the file name characters is as follows:

"*** L" = L (JPEG Large), 1 "***M" = IM (JPEG Mediuml) "*** N" = M2 (JPEG Medium2) "*** S" = S (JPEG Small), SCM When the image is transferred to a personal computer, the automatically appended fourth character will be included. You can then see the image size without having to open the image. The image type (RAW, sRAW, JPEG) can be distinguished with the extension.

0 • The first character cannot be an underscore "_".

• The extension will be ".JPG" for JPEG images and ".CR2" for RAW and sRAW images.

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