Advantages of the EOSDs Mark III

Just some of the system's advantages for advertising, in my opinion, are listed here:

♦ Reliability. The 1Ds Mark III tends to be very solid and reliable, which is an important consideration. It has a very tough build, its batteries last forever, it's weather resistant, and tethers well.

♦ High ISO/big files. The combination of high ISOs, along with big files, is quite appealing. Depending upon the assignment, I could certainly see ISO 800 working if it offered a unique advantage, such as beautiful low-light ambience. Just make sure you have a properly exposed image and histogram.

♦ Operating speed. The 1Ds Mark III is faster in all respects than medium-format systems. It generally offers faster autofocus, as well as multi-point autofocus and six frames per second shooting rate.

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