Battery units

These units that run off rechargeable batteries are expensive and desirable. Due to the fact that they're running off a stored charge, they are silent as compared to a gas generator. The most common, perhaps, is the Profoto Pro-7b, a 1,200-watt generator used with Profoto lights. I'm partial to the

Elinchrom Ranger RX-AS; it's built well, with all electronics at the top of the unit and the battery below. Due to this configuration, you can actually use this unit in inches of standing water without any trouble, although I wouldn't recommend it.

The RX-AS unit is asymmetrical in how the two lighting outlets are set up. They're arranged in a 2/3-1/3 split. Many find this more convenient than each outlet output-ting the same wattage. Another thing I love about this unit is that the range goes from 6.5 watts to 1,200 watts; that is something like eight stops of range. It has a fast recycle time of 2.5 seconds at maximum power, and easily generates 250 flashes at full power.

There are many fans of the Hensel Porty as well, which is a reliable weather-proof unit.

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