Camera Case

The standard case I use covers most assignments. Here's what I carry, which is good for most portrait, advertising/lifestyle, and event assignments that I cover. And yes, this all fits in the one case, though normally one or two lenses are removed as per the requirements of each assignment.

♦ Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III body with two rechargeable batteries

♦ Canon EOS-5D battery with two rechargeable batteries, L tripod plate, AA battery insert

♦ RS-80N3 Remote Release

♦ Various bubble levels

♦ Assorted masked focusing screens

♦ Assorted CF cards in protective cases

♦ Canon 430 EX flash with spare batteries

♦ Metz 54 MZ-3 backup flash, Canon adapter with spare batteries

♦ Flash accessories (Lightsphere, Stoffen, Big Bounce)

♦ ST-E2 Speedlite transmitter

♦ USB tether cables for computer

♦ Lens cleaner, sensor cleaner, cleaning cloths, Giotto air blower

♦ One gray card and one white balance kit for color balance, one mini Macbeth color checker chart

♦ Minolta Flash Meter IV

♦ Color meter if balancing in mixed-light environments and adding gels to lights

♦ Flashlight, Allen wrenches, jeweler's screwdrivers, gaffer's tape

♦ Anti-shine makeup and makeup wedge appliers

When necessary, I rent super-wides, other tilt-shift lenses, long zooms, or white lens telephotos.

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