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OC-E3. This cord allows you to connect the 1Ds Mark III and a single flash to each other, allowing use of the flash off of and away from the hot shoe. This is useful when you're looking for more dramatic lighting angles, bouncing off side walls, and so on.

Finally, along with other manufacturers, Canon offers an external battery back to enable more captures without changing batteries. This is the Compact Battery Pack

6.2 The ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter on top and the OC-E3 off-camera shoe cord below it.

CP-E4. The battery pack is worn on the waist, containing eight AA lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable NiCd or NiMH batteries. It works with the 580/550/540 series Speedlites, but it does not work with the 430 series.

Note You can access information on the Canon Speedlites through any of the global Canon Web sites.

580EX II

The largest and most capable of the Speedlite line, the 580EX II includes improved dust and water resistance, particularly combined with the EOS-1D/1Ds Mark III. It has a noticeably improved build and feel over the original 580 EX, including the quick-lock setup for attaching the flash to the camera's hot shoe.

Many of the functions of the 580EX II can be set and controlled either from the camera or the flash. On the camera you can make the selections under Selection Menu 2, the External Speedlite Control menu These choices include the following:

♦ Flash Mode. This allows you to choose between E-TTL II metering and the Manual setting.

♦ Shutter Sync. This allows you to choose first curtain or second curtain shutter sync.

♦ FEB. Flash Exposure Bracketing allows you to set up your range and shoot in sequence.

♦ E-TTL II. This allows you to choose between evaluative or average metering.

♦ Flash Firing. This allows you to enable or disable flash firing. With flash firing turned off, the camera will still make use of the low-light focus assist beam, if chosen.

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