Image Quality Modes

While RAW is the main choice for most professional work, JPEGs also look very good coming out of the IDs Mark III. Depending on your workflow, delivery demands and other factors — such as whether images are for scouting and casting purposes or delivery as final art for offset printing — there's a choice for every situation, ranging from 2.4MB to almost 32MB per capture, when shooting both RAW and Large JPEG at the same time.

♦ RAW. RAW files are 25MB in size and offer the biggest and cleanest full-spectrum capture. All color temperature choices can be made after shooting. Captures per card and maximum burst rate are more limited when you are shooting RAW images.

Note Burst rate is the number of images that can be captured in a row before the camera needs to pause and catch up.

♦ sRAW. At 14.5MB, sRAW gives you full RAW capabilities but with a much smaller file. As noted in Chapter 1, be aware that many programs other than DPP do not read this format.

♦ JPEG. With file sizes ranging from Small (2.2MB) to Large (6.4MB), JPEGs offer many choices, although you should always keep in mind that color data is more limited and image compression is occurring. Depending on the image being captured, large JPEGs can give you quality that is incredibly close to RAW with a much smaller file size and much greater maximum burst rate: 63 large JPEGs on a UDMA card compared to 12 RAWs, a huge difference.

High ISO processing in-camera is also a real advantage of JPEGs in terms of workflow speed, although it does slow down capture speed. All in all, it's a format to keep in mind, but you should also be aware of its limitations.

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