Macro Twin Lite MTEX

Designed for macro work, the unit consists of a controller that mounts on top of the camera in the hot shoe, and two mini-flashes that are mounted on a ring that attaches to the front of the lens and can be adjusted to any position around the ring.

♦ Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX. Canon's other macro light solution, this is a circular lighting ring that mounts in front of the lens, with the controller once again mounted on the hot shoe. It's E-TTL controllable (E-TTL is explained later in the chapter).

Note Although it is a ring flash, this unit is not suitable for fashion or advertising ring-light work— it's just too small to match the quality of the larger, commercial ring flashes.

There are two other components to the Speedlite system, each allowing the flash to be used off camera. They are:

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