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Playback menu 1 centers on DAM (digital asset management) within the camera. Within this menu, you can protect, rotate, erase, print, transfer, and copy images. The following list explains the features available from this menu.


Protect images Rotate

Erase images Print order Transfer order Image copy

2.8 Playback menu 1

Beyond this, you can erase all images in a folder or all images on a card.

Note You can also erase images at any time while playing back images by pressing the Erase button.

♦ Print order. This setting allows you various ways to print directly from the 1Ds Mark III to a PictBridge-enabled printer. As with the approach behind protecting or erasing images, you can select by image, folder, or all images. When selecting by image, you can specify how many prints you want of that image, and whether you want the date and/or time imprinted on the image.

Hp Although this option is seldom used by professional photographers who y will want to refine the images in post, it's a good option to remember on a job if you have a small PictBridge-enabled printer with you. There's nothing like handing out good-looking prints to the client and art director, if you can obtain them.

♦ Transfer order. This line item allows you to select which images to transfer to your computer, and in what order the transfer should occur. Although I've never personally needed this function, I could see it being a very useful item for those under a news deadline. For example, if you're shooting a sports or news event and need the quickest possible workflow to move your best images out of the camera and into your computer, this would come in handy. Once again, you can select by image, by folder, or all images.

♦ Protect images. Using these functions allows you to protect or unpro-tect images, even when you erase a card. You can select individual images, all images in a folder, or all images on a card. You can also clear all images in a folder or on a card. In all cases, you use the Set button and Quick Dial button to navigate, and the Set button to select or deselect protection for an image.

When you format a card, protected images are lost along with everything else. Do not format a card until you have retrieved all images you want to keep.

♦ Rotate. This line item allows you to scroll through images during playback using the Quick Control dial, and then to rotate a chosen image by using the Set button.

♦ Erase images. There are three ways to erase images with this setting. If you choose Select and erase images, you can scroll through your card and press the Set button each time you want to erase an image. Once you're done selecting images to be erased, you press the Erase button, the bottom-left button beneath the Rear LCD Panel, and all selected images are erased at once.

Even under deadline, you can download your images and select individual images from the computer. However, if you mark your best images as you shoot by using the Transfer Order function when you have a break, this would certainly save time during downloading.

Image copy. This function allows you to copy images from one card to the other within the camera. Whichever card is the card being currently viewed becomes the default source card, while the other card becomes the destination card. Once again, you can choose by individual image, choose by folder, or choose all images.

The Image copy function could be useful, for example, if an image taken during a shoot needs to be retouched or referred to as you continue shooting. Transfer the image to an available card, hand off to the tech or art director, and do it all without needing to go through your computer. Pretty cool.

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