Type: Eye-level pentaprism Coverage: Approximately 100 percent

Magnification: Approximately .76

Eyepoint: Approximately 20mm

Focusing screen: Interchangeable (11 types); Standard screen: Ec-CIV

Mirror: Quick-return half-mirror transmission

Viewfinder information:

♦ AF information (AF points, focus confirmation light)

♦ Metering and exposure (metering mode, spot meter circle, shutter speed, aperture, manual exposure, AE Lock, ISO speed, exposure level, exposure warning)

♦ Flash information (flash ready light, FP flash, FE Lock, flash exposure level)

♦ White Balance correction

♦ JPEG/RAW recording

♦ Maximum burst, number of shots remaining

♦ Battery check

♦ Recording Media information

♦ Depth of field preview (enabled with depth-of-field preview button, visible)

♦ Eyepiece shutter (built in)

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