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Press the depth-of-field preview button to stop down to the current aperture setting. The diaphragm in the lens will be set to the current aperture so you can check the depth of field (range of acceptable focus) through the viewfinder.

In the < A-DEP > mode, press the shutter button halfway to focus, then press the depth-of-field preview button while still pressing the shutter button halfway.

The exposure is locked (AE lock) while the Depth-of-Field Preview button is pressed.

M Manual Exposure

' In this mode, you set both the shutter | speed and aperture value as desired. To 1 determine the exposure, refer to the | exposure level indicator in the viewfinder 1 or use a handheld exposure meter. This ' method is called manual exposure.

* <M > stands for Manual.

Standard exposure index mmrnmi

Exposure level mark

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