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• As long as the exposure setting is not blinking, the exposure will be correct.

W The < A-DEP> mode cannot be used If the lens'focus mode switch Is set to <MF>.The result will be the same as using the <P> mode. If the "30"" shutter speed blinks, It Indicates underexposure. Increase the ISO speed.

• If the "8000" shutter speed blinks, It Indicates overexposure. Decrease the ISO speed.

51 If the aperture value blinks, It Indicates that the exposure level Is correct but the desired depth of field cannot be achieved. Either use a wide-angle lens or move further away from the subjects.

• In this shooting mode, you cannot freely change the shutter speed and aperture value. If the camera sets a slow shutter speed, hold the camera steady or use a tripod.

If you use flash, the result will be the same as using <P> with flash.

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