Take the picture

• Compose the shot and press the shutter button completely.

The captured image will be displayed for about 2 sec. on the LCD monitor.

• To view the images recorded on the CF card, press the <[E> button, (p. 103)

While focusing with <AF>, do not touch the focusing ring at the front of the lens.

If you want to zoom, do it before focusing. Turning the zoom ring after achieving focus may throw off the focus.

When the CF card becomes full, the CF Full warning "FuLL CF" will appear in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel and shooting will be disabled. Replace the CF card with one that has room. If something obstructs the built-in flash from popping up, "Err 05" will blink on the LCD panel. If this happens, turn the <^3> switch to <OFF> and set it back to <ON>.

Using a non-Canon lens with an EOS camera may not result in proper camera or lens operation.

When focus is achieved, the focus and exposure setting will also be locked.

If the focus confirmation light <•> blinks, the picture cannot be taken. (p.70)

Multiple AF points may flash simultaneously in red.This indicates that focus has been achieved at all those AF points. In the Basic Zone modes (except <Sk> <<as^> <SD>), the built-in flash will pop up and fire automatically in low-light or backlit conditions. To retract the flash, push it back down.

You can disable the beeper from sounding when focus is achieved, (p.90) The image review time after image capture can be changed with the menu's [H Review time] setting, (p.100)

If you want to select the AF point to be used for focusing, set the Mode Dial to <P >, then follow "Selecting the AF Point" (p.67) to select the AF point.

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