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The EOS System offers convenience and quality at every step of the photographic process, from adjusting camera settings before the shot to printing images of the utmost quality. Canon's PIXMA photo printers are designed to work perfectly with EOS Digital SLRs to quickly and accurately produce stunning prints.

that no other camera/printer combination can match such as the ability to print a single-image or 20-image print with shooting information that includes the camera model, lens, shooting mode, shutter and aperture settings, exposure compensation, ISO value and white balance setting -excellent for archiving, comparing or learning. In addition you can generate 35-image contact sheets and even adjust fill flash through the Face Brightener feature.

Advanced Camera Direct Capabilities

The seamless communication between the EOS 30D and Canon's PIXMA photo printers guarantees Canon image quality every time. For those seeking time-saving options, direct printing is a wclcome technology. Previous forms of direct printing had limited options for user control over the customization of images. To make direct printing more

versatile, yet just as easy to use, - ■ Canon improved its direct printing capabilities. Starting with the EOS-ID Mark II n and the EOS 5D, «— Canon has offered capabilities

Single-image Print with Shooting information

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With all this control at your fingertips, it goes without question that you will want equal versatility in the size and type of paper stock you print your images on. The EOS 30D now supports 13"x 19", 10" x 12", 8"x 10" and 4"x 8" paper for direct printing, in addition to letter size and postcard size paper. And with Canon's new, wider paper selection, you are sure to find the right combination that is right for you.

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PIXMA Pio9500 Hnoto frimer

ISO Speed: 100

Aperture Value: f//.l

Shutter Speed: 1/500

White Balance: Daylight

$>2006 vlnccm laforet All Rights Reserved lens.- FF umm f/?.P.l IIS.V,

ISO Speed: ICO

Aperture Value i;9.0

Shutter Speed: 1 ,'400

White Balanre [I8y!.gnt

02006 Vblietit Laftml fljl Rights Reserved

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