Auto reset

Each time you replace the CF card, the file numbering will be reset to the first file number (100-0001). Since the file number starts from 0001 in each CF card, you can organize images according to CF card. Note that if the replacement CF card already contains images, the file numbering will start after the highest file number in that CF card.

File numbering after changing the CF card a

File number is reset

When folder No. 999 is created, [Folder number full] will appear on the LCD monitor. If file No. 9999 is created, "Err CF" will be displayed on the LCD panel and in the viewfinder. Replace the CF card with a new one.

E3 For both JPEG and RAW images, the file name will start with "IMG_". The extension will be ".JPG" for JPEG images and ".CR2" for RAW images.

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