Check the viewfinder display and shoot

• As long as the aperture value is not blinking, the exposure will be correct.

Tv Shutter-Priority AE

If the maximum aperture blinks, it indicates underexposure. Turn the <6> dial to set a slower shutter speed until the aperture value stops blinking or set a higher ISO speed. If the minimum aperture blinks, it indicates overexposure. Turn the <6> dial to set a faster shutter speed until the aperture value stops blinking or lower the ISO speed.

Ell Shutter Speed Display

The shutter speeds from "4000" to "4" indicate the denominator of the fractional shutter speed. For example, "125" indicates 1/125 sec.Also, "0"6" indicates 0.6 sec. and "15"" is 15 sec.

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