will close, and the mirror will go back down.

• Set the power switch to <0N>. You can start shooting again.

Stop the cleaning.

• Set the power switch to <OFF>. ► The camera will turn off, the shutter

During the sensor cleaning, never do any of the following that would turn off the power. If the power is cut off, the shutter will close and it may damage the shutter curtains and image sensor.

• Opening the CF card slot cover.

• Opening the battery compartment cover.

Do not insert the blower tip inside the camera beyond the lens mount. If the power goes out, the shutter will close and the shutter curtains and image sensor may be damaged.

Use a blower not attached with a brush. A brush can scratch the sensor. Never use canned air or gas to clean the sensor. The blowing force can damage the sensor or the spray gas can freeze on the sensor. When the battery is exhausted, the beeper will sound and the <>^Z1> icon will blink on the LCD panel. Set the power switch to <OFF>, replace the battery, and start over.

You cannot clean the sensor if Battery Grip BG-E3 (optional) is attached to the camera and size-AA batteries supply the power. Use AC Adapter Kit ACK700 (optional) or use a battery having sufficient power.


Set the power-off time/Auto power off

You can set the auto power-off time for the camera to turn off automatically after a set time of idle operation. If you do not want the camera to turn off automatically, set this to [Off]. If the camera turns off automatically, just press the shutter button halfway to turn it on again.


li'jto cmver off

►1 «in.

Auto rDtate

2 nin.

LCD brightness

4 nin.


a min.

File numbering



30 nin.

Stioot w/o card


Select [Auto power off].

• Press the <,V> key to select [Auto power off], then press <©>.

Set the desired time.

• Press the <V > key to select the desired time, then press <©>.


CF Card Reminder

This prevents shooting if there is no CF card in the camera. This can be set in all shooting modes.

• Press the < V > key to select [Shoot w/o card], then press <©>.

• Press the <J&> key to select [Off], then press <©>.

If [Off] has been set and you press the shutter button while there is no CF card in the camera, "no CF" will be displayed in the viewfinder.

Dioptric Adjustment

You can adjust the sharpness of the viewfinder image. By adjusting the diopter to suit your eyesight, you can see a sharp viewfinder image even without eyeglasses. The camera's adjustable dioptric range is -3 dpt to +1 dpt.

Turn the dioptric adjustment knob.

• Turn the knob left or right until the AF points in the viewfinder look sharp.

• The illustration shows the knob at the standard setting (-1 dpt).

If the camera's dioptric adjustment still cannot provide a sharp viewfinder image, using Dioptric Adjustment Lens E (10 types, optional) is recommended.

Holding the Camera

To obtain sharp images, hold the camera still to minimize camera shake.

To obtain sharp images, hold the camera still to minimize camera shake.

Horizontal shooting Vertical shooting

• Firmly grasp the camera grip with your right hand, and press your both elbows lightly against your body.

• Hold the lens bottom with your left hand.

• Press the camera against your face and look through the viewfinder.

• To maintain a stable stance, place one foot in front of the other instead of lining up both feet.

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