Select the metering mode

• Press the <,V > key to select the desired setting, then press <©>.

q: Evaluative Metering W: Partial Metering CD: Center-weighted Averaged Metering

• When you press the shutter button halfway, the selected metering mode will be displayed on the LCD panel.

q Evaluative Metering

This is the camera's standard metering mode suited for most subjects even under backlit conditions. After detecting the main subject's position, brightness, background, front and back lighting, etc., the camera sets the proper exposure.

• During manual focusing, evaluative metering is based on the center AF point.

• If the subject brightness and background light level are very different (there is a strong backlight or spotlight), use partial metering <W> instead.

W Partial Metering

Effective when the background is much brighter than the subject due to backlighting, etc. Partial metering covers about 9% of the viewfinder area at the center. The area covered by partial metering is shown on the left.

C Center-weighted Average Metering

The metering is weighted at the center and then averaged for the entire scene.

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