Start printing

• Press the <,V> key to select [OK], then press <0>.

► The printing will start.

• To stop the printing, press <©> while [Stop] is displayed, then select [OK] and press <0>.

When printing with a PictBridge or Bubble Jet Direct printer, be sure to set the paper size.

With PictBridge, the file No. cannot be imprinted. If [Bordered] is set, the date might be imprinted on the border, depending on the printer.

The date might look light if it is imprinted on a bright background or border.

With CP Direct, if [Print type] is set to [Index], the number of images printed on one index sheet will be as follows:

• Credit card size: 20 images • L size: 42 images

• Postcard size: 63 images

As for the number of index images with Bubble Jet Direct, see the BJ printer's instruction manual.

If you stopped the printing and want to resume printing the remaining images, select [Resume]. Note that printing will not resume if you stop the printing and do any of the following:

• Before resuming the printing, you changed the print order settings.

• Before resuming the printing, you erased an image that was to be printed.

• In the case of index printing with CP Direct, you changed the paper cassette before resuming the printing.

• In the case of index printing with PictBridge, you changed the paper settings before resuming the printing.

• When you stopped the printing, the CF card's remaining capacity was low.

If there is a printing problem, see page 128 for PictBridge, page 131 for CP Direct, or page 134 for Bubble Jet Direct.

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