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Once you've enabled Live View, you can continue taking pictures normally through the 40D's viewfinder. When you're ready to activate Live View, press the Set button. The mirror will flip up, and the sensor image will appear on the LCD.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when Live View is active:

■ Manual focus. You must focus manually, unless you use the optional Live View interrupt/autofocus feature. Later in this section, I'll provide instructions for using MF with Live View.

■ Exposure lag. If you reframe your photo, there is a lag before the exposure is set properly for the new composition. If you take a picture before the exposure has been re-calculated, you may get an under- or overexposed photo.

■ Metering mode cannot be changed. Evaluative metering linked to the focus frame is used. You cannot change to Partial, Spot, or Center-Weighted metering when Live View is active.

■ Press DOF button to check exposure. If you press the depth-of-field button while using Live View, the lens will stop down to the taking aperture and you'll see the effective exposure that has been set, even if Simulate Exposure has not been selected in the Custom Functions menu.

Flash OK. You can use flash when working with Live View, but the FE (flash exposure) lock, modeling flash, and test firing of the flash are not possible. In addition, to change the speedlite's own custom functions, you'll need to use the camera's menus in the Flash Control section of the Set-up 2 menu. The flash's own Custom Function setting capability is disabled.

Live View continues. When you press the shutter release, the 40D will take a photo, then display the image you just shot for review, as normal. When picture review is finished, the camera returns to Live View mode. You can take as many consecutive shots using Live View as you like, barring sensor overheating. To exit Live View entirely, press the Set button.

Shooting functions interrupt. If you change shooting functions, such as EV compensation, white balance, or ISO settings while using Live View, then Live View will quit. Continue making your changes, then press the Set button to activate Live View once more.

■ Information display. During Live View, useful information is shown on the screen, such as battery status, Picture Style, and most of the shooting information (shutter speed, f/stop, ISO setting, number of exposures remaining) you'd see through the viewfinder. Press the Info. button to change the amount of information shown. Figure 5.24 shows a typical display as seen on the LCD, including the optional Rule of Thirds grid.

The information display includes the focus frame that's in the center of the screen, but which can be moved using the multi-controller.

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