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You need to take some steps before using Live View. This workflow prevents you from accidentally using Live View when you don't mean to, thus potentially losing a shot, and it also helps ensure that you've made all the settings necessary to successfully use the feature efficiently. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Set focus to Manual. It's a good idea to set the lens focus switch to the MF position, because most Live View pictures are taken using manual focus. Take this step now so you won't forget that you'll be doing the focusing yourself.

2. Choose a shooting mode. Select a Creative Zone shooting mode. Live View doesn't work with any of the Basic Zone modes. You can choose A-DEP, but the 40D will behave as if you selected P, instead, and A-DEP's automatic focus point selection (like all autofocus features) will be disabled.

3. Enable Live View. You'll need to activate Live View by choosing Live View function settings from the Set-up 2 menu. Select Enable and press the Menu button to exit.


Three other Live View functions can be set from the Shooting 2 menu. You can choose Grid Display (On or Off) to enable or disable a Rule of Thirds grid display that can help you compose and align your images on the LCD. Silent Shoot modes 1 and 2 can be enabled or disabled (as described Chapter 3). You can also set a Metering Timer, which determines how long the 40D continues to measure exposure when you switch to Live View mode. You can also access C.Fn.IV-07 to switch from LCD illumination auto adjust (which keeps the LCD at the same brightness, regardless of exposure) to the Simulates Exposure setting, which uses the brightness of the LCD to emulate the exposure you'd get using the current shutter speed and aperture. If you want to interrupt Live View to use autofocus, you'll need to set C.Fn.III-06 to AF during Live View Shooting. I'll explain how to use this feature later in this chapter.

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