Manual Focusing

Focusing manually on an LCD screen isn't as difficult as you might think, but Canon has made the process even easier by providing a magnified view. Just follow these steps to focus manually.

1. Make sure the focus switch on the lens is set to MF.

2. Use the multi-controller to move the focus frame that's superimposed on the screen to the location where you want to focus. You can press the multi-controller to center the focus frame in the middle of the screen.

3. Press the Zoom button. The area of the image inside the focus frame will be magnified 5X. (See Figure 5.25.) Press the Zoom button again to increase the magnification to 10X. A third press will return you to the full-frame view. The enlarged area is artificially sharpened to make it easier for you to see the contrast changes, and simplify focusing. When zoomed in, the current shutter speed and aperture are shown in orange.

4. Use the focus ring on the lens to focus the image. When you're satisfied, you can zoom back out.

You can manually focus the center area, which can be zoomed in 5X or 10X.

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