Picture Style Editor

The Picture Style Editor, shown in Figure 8.1, allows you to create your own custom Picture Styles, or edit existing styles, including the Standard, Landscape, Faithful, and other predefined settings already present in your EOS 40D. You can change sharpness, contrast, color saturation, and color tone—and a lot more—

Canon Picture Style
Figure 8.1 The new Picture Style Editor lets you create your own Picture Styles for use by the 40D or Digital Photo Professional when importing image files.

and then save the modifications as a .PF2 file that can be uploaded to the camera, or used by Digital Photo Professional (described later in this chapter) to modify a RAW or sRAW image as it is imported.

You can define your own color response using a color picker in a sample RAW photograph to choose a specific hue, which you can then modify using hue/saturation/luminance adjustments. The range of adjacent colors affected by your new settings can also be specified. Before/after views let you compare the Picture Style settings you've entered with standard settings using a sample image you upload.

Among the most valuable features of the Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR is its compatibility with Canon's Picture Style Editor (PSE, not to be confused with the "other" PSE—Adobe Photoshop Elements) software. With PSE, shooters can actually design the look of their photographs by inputting their own preferred style, color, and tone curves. The EOS 40D Digital SLR also ships with the latest versions of Canon's powerful software applications, including Digital Photo Professional 3.1 and EOS Utility 2.1, which now support the camera's Remote Live View and Dust Delete Data functions, as well as incorporating a broad range of additional improvements designed to improve image quality and speed up workflow. Also included are ZoomBrowser EX 5.8 and ImageBrowser 5.8 for easy browsing, viewing, printing and archiving with compatible computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP, as well as Mac OS X.

EOS Utility

Both Windows and Mac versions are provided for this useful program. It serves as command center for several useful functions, all available from the main control panel, shown in Figure 8.2. It includes an image downloading module that previews the images in your 40D, and can automatically copy them from the camera to either Digital Photo Professional or ZoomBrowser EX. (See Figure 8.3.)

Figure 8.2

The EOS Utility has a settings/remote shooting function that allows you to control a 40D connected to your computer with the USB cable.

Control Camera

Accessories ijPP Starts to download images

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Figure 8.3

The download utility allows transfer of photos from your camera or memory card to Digital Photo Professional or ZoomBrowser EX.

Figure 8.3

The download utility allows transfer of photos from your camera or memory card to Digital Photo Professional or ZoomBrowser EX.

Picture Style Editor Canon

It also includes a camera settings/remote shooting module that allows you to link your computer with the 40D and use a dialog box (see Figure 8.4) to change camera settings and to control the camera for remote shooting. You can have access to many of the 40D's menus right from the software (see Figure 8.5). The settings feature is especially useful for changing Picture Styles quickly, while you'll find the remote shooting capabilities useful when you want to program a delay before the camera takes a picture, or do some interval (time-lapse) shooting. The updated version of the utility (Version 2.1 and later) supports the 40D's Live View and Dust Delete Data functions. It includes many preferences you can use to tailor its operation (see Figure 8.6).

Axure Widget Template
Figure 8.4 The EOS Utility gives you direct control of camera settings for remote shooting.

Figure 8.5 You can access many of the EOS 40D's menu settings from your computer.

Figure 8.6 The EOS Utility five tabs' worth of preferences for modifying how it behaves.

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