Setting AF Point

You can change which of the nine focus points the Canon EOS 40D uses to calculate correct focus, or allow the camera to select the point for you. As I mentioned in Chapter 1, in A-DEP, or any of the Basic Zone shooting modes, the focus point is always selected automatically by the camera. In the other Creative Zone modes, you can allow the camera to select the focus point automatically, or you can specify which focus point should be used.

To review, there are several methods to set the focus point manually. You can press the AF point selection button on the back of the camera, look through the viewfinder, and use the multi-controller knob (to the right and below the viewfinder window) to move the focus point to the zone you want to use. For example, press the multi-controller straight up or down, and the top or bottom focus points are selected. To the left or right, and the side points are selected. Movements to the two o'clock, four o'clock, seven o'clock, or ten o'clock positions choose the in-between focus sensors. Press the multi-controller in, and the center focus point becomes active.

You can also choose a focus point by pressing the AF point selection button and then rotating the Main Dial as in Figure 5.15. The focus point will cycle among the edge points counterclockwise (if you turn the Main Dial to the left) or clockwise (if you spin the Main Dial to the right). At each end of the cycle the center focus point and then all nine focus points will be active. When all nine are "live," auto point selection will be switched back on.

Figure 5.15

When selecting focus points manually, rotate the Main Dial to select specific points. Continue rotating until all nine points are visible, and the 40D switches back to automatic AF point selection mode.

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