Using the Battery Grip

If you plan to use the camera with Battery Grip BG-E2, originally dedicated to the EOS 20D and EOS 30D, read the following. For instructions other than "Detaching the Battery Compartment Cover" and "Battery Life" explained below, refer to the Battery Grip BG-E2 Instruction Manual.

If you have Battery Grip BG-E2N, read the BG-E2N's Instruction Manual.

Detaching the Battery Compartment Cover

Put the camera on a flat surface and hold it firmly so it does not fall. Open the battery compartment cover and pull it out at a slanted angle to remove.

Store the detached battery compartment cover in the battery grip.

To reattach the battery compartment cover, slant it at the same angle when it was removed and insert the cover's hinge into the camera.

[Approx. shots]


No Flash

50% Flash Use

BP-511A x 2


1600 / 1400

Size-AA alkaline batteries


300 / 100

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    Can eos 40d prower grip use for eos t1i?
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