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Before you begin, check the current firmware version installed on your camera and then write down the version number. To check the installed firmware version number, follow these steps:

1. Press the Menu button.

2. Press the Jump button to access the Set-up 3 menu.

3. Rotate the Quick Control dial until you see the Firmware Ver., and then write down the number. If the firmware installed on your camera is older than the firmware offered on the Web site, then your camera needs the firmware update.

Now you can check to see if the latest firmware version available on the Canon Web site is more current than the version installed on your 40D. To check Canon's latest firmware, go to consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct& tabact=DownloadDetailTabAct& fcategoryid=314&modelid = 15653. Scroll down to the Firmware section and compare the version number with the version number installed on your 40D. If the Canon version number is higher than what's installed in your 40D, you need to update the firmware.

Tip Canon does not publically announce new firmware releases on its Web site. But Rob Calbraith does make announcements when new firmware is released. You can check www.robgalbraith. com periodically for the latest firmware update announcements.

Before you begin installing a firmware update, be sure that you have the following:

♦ A fully charged camera battery installed in the camera.

Alternately, you can use the AC Adapter Kit ACK-E2 to power the camera. If the camera loses power during the firmware update, it can become inoperable.

♦ A freshly formatted CompactFlash (CF) card on which to copy the firmware update. Alternately, you can connect the camera to your computer with a USB cable, and then copy the firmware file onto the CF card in the camera.

To download updated firmware and install it on the 40D, follow these steps:

1. Insert the CF card in a card reader attached to your computer.

2. On your computer, go to the Canon download site at





3. Click the arrow next to Select OS, and select your computer's operating system.

4. Scroll to Firmware, and then verify that the version available on the Web site is newer than the version installed on your 40D. If the firmware version number listed on the Canon Web site is newer, continue to the next step.

5. Click the firmware version text link. At this writing, the text link reads, eos40d-firmware-e.html. A license agreement appears.

6. Click I Agree - Begin Download.

The EOS 40D Digital Web site opens in a separate window with descriptions of what improvements the new firmware version includes, along with firmware installation instructions.

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the I agree and download button.

8. Under Files for Firmware Update, click the link that matches your computer's operating system.

9. Click Run if a File Security dialog box appears. If a window appears saying that Publisher cannot be verified, click Run. A

window appears notifying you that this is a self-extracting file.

10. Click OK. A self-extracting archive window appears.

11. Click Browse, navigate to the CF card location, and then click OK.

The self-extracting archive window is displayed again.

12. Click OK. A progress window appears with the firmware file name displayed. On the CF card, the firmware appears at the top level as file with a .fir extension.

13. Insert the CF card into the camera and close the CF card door.

14. Press the Menu button, and then press the Jump button until the Setup 3 (yellow) menu appears.

15. Turn the Quick Control dial to highlight Firmware Ver., and then press the Set button. The

Firmware update screen appears.

16. Turn the Quick Control dial to highlight OK, and then press the Set button. The Firmware update program screen appears. Then a Replace Firmware screen appears listing the new firmware version number.

17. Press the Set button. A Firmware update program confirmation screen appears. The screen displays the currently installed firmware version number and the new version number.

18. Turn the Quick Control dial to highlight OK, and then press the Set button. The screen updates to display a progress bar. Do not press any buttons, turn off the camera, or open the CF Card Slot door during installation. When the update is complete, a Firmware update program screen appears saying the update is complete.

19. Press the Set button to complete the firmware update. The

LCD goes black, and the camera is ready for shooting.

Image Sensors and the Canon DIGIC Processor

As Canon's ongoing research and development continues to refine camera features, Canon has progressively applied new and improved technologies throughout its camera lineup. As a result, photographers can rely on a consistently high level of quality, and this is certainly true in the EOS 40D.

An understanding of both the sensor technology and the internal processor is beneficial to better understand the camera and the image files that it produces.

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