When using the built-in Hash, keep at feast 1 meter away from Uie subject. Otherwise, part of the photo Will look dark because Ihe lens barrel Will partially obstruct the Nash coverage.

■ When using the built-in flash. detach any hood attached to the lens. A lens hood will pariiglly obslrucl the Hash coverage.

■ Using ihe built-in Hash with any of the following lenses may partially obstruct the flash coverage. Use an external Hash unit ingtead.

* EF 17-35mm f/S.SL USM. EF 28-70mrn 1/2.81 USM, and other large-aperture lenses.

■ EF 300mm 1/2.8L USM. EF 600mm f/4L USM, and other super telepholo lenses.

The built-in flash cannot be used together with an external flash unit.

If an EOS-dedicated Speedlite, etc.. is attached to (he hoi shoe, Ihe built-in flash will not operate.

Before attaching an EOS-dedicated Speecfiite. etc., retract the built-in flash.

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