Handling Precautions

Camera Care

1. This camera is not waterproof and cannot be used in rain or underwater. If Ihe camera gets really wet, consult your nearest Canon Service Center. Wipe off any water droplets with a dry cloth. If the camera has been exposed to salty air, wipe with a well-wrung damp cloth.

2. Do not leave the camera in places prone to excessive heat such as in a car on a sunny day. Excessive heat can cause the camera to malfunction.

3. The camera contains high-voltage circuitry. Never attempt to disassemble the camera.

4. Use only a blower brush to remove any dust on the lens or in the film compartment. Do not use a an organic solvent-containing cleaner to clean the camera body or lens. For stubborn dirt, consult your nearest Canon Service Center.

5. If the camcra is not to be used for an extended period, remove the battery. Store the camera in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place. During the storage period, release the shutter a few times once in a while.

6. Avoid storing the camera in a laboratory, cabinet, etc., where corrosive chemicals are present.

7. If the camera has not been used for an extended period or if the camera is to be used for an important event, check all the camera operations yourself or take it to the nearest Canon Service Center.

LCD Panel

In time, the camera's LCD (liquid-crystal display) panel indications may become light and difficult to read. If this happens, have it replaced (at cost) by a Canon Service Center.

At low temperatures, the display response of the LCD panel may become slower. And at 60 C or higher temperatures, the display may blacken. In either case, the display will return to normal at room temperature.

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