Canon Eos500n In Auto Mode

II. Basic Operation _

Automatic Flash Operation

In the Full Auto mode □ or in the ^ , A , and Si Programmed Image Control modes, the built-in flash pops up and lires automatically for dark or backlit {fill-in flash) subjects.

If Ihe built-in flash is obslruded from popping up automalically, the battery level indicator on Ihe LCD panel will blink for 3 seconds and then remain displayed as a warning. If this happens, press Ihe shuller button halfway to cancel (he warning.

II you do nol want lo use flash, use ihe P (Program AE) mode,See page 31,

The Red-Eye Effect

When flash is used in low-light situations, it may reflect off the subject's pupils and make the eyes look red in the photograph.

Setting Red-Eye Reduction

The red-eye reduction feature helps reduce red eye with the camera's red-eye reduction lamp which gently shines into the subject's eyes to decrease the pupil diameter, thereby reducing the chances of red eye from occurring. Red-eye reduction can be set in any picture-taking mode,

*l Press the function button until the function pointer points to the redeye reduction symbol (<§>) on the LCD panel.

P Turn the Main Dial as shown by the arrow so that "1" appears on the LCD panel.

• To disable red-eye reduction, turn the Main Dial in the opposite direction to set it to "0",

* The ¡unction poinier will disappear and the reci-eye reduction feature will be disabled.

Ot The setting wilt lake effect 6 seconds later or when the Main Diai is turned.

* The red-eye reduction lamp lighls after ihe shullar button is pressed halfway and locus has been achieved.

■ The red-eye reduction lamp will light again if the shutter button is pressed hallway again.

* While Ihe red-eye reduction lamp is lit, the red-eye reduction lamp-on indicator in the viewlinder will gradually fade,

■ Red-eye reduction may be effective only when the subject looks at Ihe red-eye reduction lamp. Tlic actual effectiveness will depend an the subject.

- To increase Ihe eilecliveness o! red-eye reduction, take Ihe picture after the red-eye reduction lamp-on indicator in Ihe viewfinddr turns off.

* The picture can be taken at anytime even while the red-eye reduction lamp is lit. Just press the shutter bulton completely.

AF-Assist Beam

Under difficult autofocusing conditions, the AF-assist beann is emitted automatically to assist autofocus.

■ The AF-assist beam can tie aclivatecf m any Prog rammed Image Control mode and Creative Zone mode

■ If Speediite 540EZ js used with the camera, the AF-assist beam will be emitled by the Speedlita instead. With any other external, FOS-dcdicated Speedlile. Ihe AF-assisL beam will be emitled by the camera However; if Ihe center focusing point has been selected manually in a Crealive Zone mode, the AF-assist beam will bo emitled by Ihe EQS-dedicaled Speedliie instead of the camera.

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