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Off camera flash systems. Battery grips. Wireless File Transmitters. Extenders. Remote Controllers. Customise each set up to suit your various styles with the world's most advanced and fully integrated system of camera accessories.

remote control units

With a Canon wired or wireless remote switch, you can position and focus your camera to perfection, then fire the shutter remotely. This is ideal for tripod shots taken at slow shutter speeds, where even tiny amounts of camera shake could compromise your shot. Wireless Controllers can also be used to activate mirror lock and bulb-shutter functions.

speedlite flash units

As powerful as it is versatile, Canon's Speedlite flash system extends studio lighting possibilities into the field. Control and fire multiple banks of slave flash units with an ST-E2 transmitter or the master flash capability of the powerful 580EX II. Throw beautiful, even light across tiny subjects with specialist Macro Ring Lite and Twin Lite flashes. Both the EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 50D feature E-TTL II, an advanced flash algorithm that integrates seamlessly with all Speedlite EX series flashes.

wireless file transmitters

Ideal for when you're working to a tight deadline, a Wireless File Transmitter beams images straight from your camera to a storage device, computer or FTP server - ready for processing and sending just seconds after they're shot. With a transmitter fitted, you can also wirelessly trigger the shutter button, or download images via

Canon 50d Specs

When you choose EOS, you choose more than just the finest camera. You choose an entire photographic system.

battery grips

Because the action does not wait while you change batteries, both cameras have an optional battery grip. Each utilises two Battery Packs or six AA batteries to extend your shooting time. Both grips feature a vertical orientation shutter release and key controls for comfortable portraiture work, and the substantial grip helps balance the camera when using long lenses.

THE shoot digital photo professional

Supplied with every digital EOS, Canon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software is utilised for editing, processing and converting Canon RAW files. It provides an intuitive interface for processing RAW files whilst working in conjunction with the EOS Integrated Cleaning System to remove the effects of any sensor dust that may have been present during the shoot. It also integrates specific EF and EF-S lens information passed from the camera to optimise image quality.

why shoot raw?

When you shoot in RAW, you record the equivalent of a digital negative. Actual pixel data is recorded with minimal processing. The benefit, quite simply, is more image detail and greatly expanded post production options. With a RAW image opened in Canon's DPP software, you can adjust variables such as exposure, white balance, noise reduction, sharpening, Picture Style, contrast and lens correction without losing any of the original data. Processing your RAW file to a 16 bit TIFF with DPP maps your 14 bit file over the full 16 bit workspace for further editing and post production possibilities.

in the gallery

Whether you are selling wedding prints or preparing for your next exhibition, the ability to produce your own prints on gallery quality stock keeps you in control and gives you flexibility to reprint at times that suits you and your clients. From 10x15 snaps to A1 posters, Canon's SELPHY, PIXMA and imagePROGRAF printers are the perfect partner for your EOS.

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