Selecting with the Multicontroller

The AF point selection will change in the direction you tilt the < 9> . If you press < 9> straight down, the center AF point will be selected. If you keep tilting it in the same direction, it will toggle between manual and automatic AF point selection. When all AF points light up, automatic AF point selection will be set.

INFO Shooting Information Display

Exposure compensation amount Flash exposure compensation amount Aperture Color temperature if < Q> is set Image-recording quality Movie-recording size Playback number -Total images recorded Original decision (image verification) data appended Original decision (image verification) data appended * When you shoot in the RAW+JPEG mode, the JPEG image file size will be displayed.


1st-curtain sync AC Adapter Access Adobe AF AF stop AF-ON (AF start) button 35, 182 AI FOCUS (AI Focus AF) 80 AI SERVO (AI Servo AF) 50, 79 AI Servo Aperture-priority AE 92 Assist AF Auto Lighting Optimizer 47, 177 Auto Auto power off 27, 44 Auto Auto rotate of vertical images 146 Automatic selection (AF) 81 Av (Aperture-priority AE) 92 Battery Black-and-white (printing) 158 Black-and-white image 60, 62 Noise Bulb ffl, ffl, y 20, 187 C (Creative Auto) 51 139, 140 Camera shake 101 Clear camera...

Fn I Exposure level increments

Sets 1 2-stop increments for the shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, AEB, flash exposure compensation, etc. Effective when you prefer to control the exposure in less fine increments than 1 3-stop increments. 0 The exposure level will be displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel as shown below. Enables L (equivalent to ISO 50), H1 (equivalent to ISO 12800), and H2 (equivalent to ISO 25600) to be selectable for the ISO speed.

Take the picture

E Focus the subject and press the shutter button completely. You can check the self-timer operation with the self-timer lamp, beeper, and countdown display in seconds on the LCD panel. Two seconds before the picture is taken, the self-timer lamp will stay on and the beeper will sound faster. After taking self-timer shots, you should check the image for proper focus and exposure p.128 . If you will not look through the viewfinder when you press the shutter button, attach the eyepiece cover p.100...

Setting the AF and Drive Modes

By selecting a suitable AF point, you can shoot with autofocus while framing the subject as desired. You can also select the AF mode and drive mode best matching the shooting conditions and subject. The M icon on the right of the page title indicates that the function can be used when the Mode Dial is set to lt P Tv Av M B gt . In the fully-automatic modes O C , the AF mode, AF point selection, and drive mode are set automatically. lt AF gt stands for auto focus....

Set the ISO speed

While looking at the LCD panel or viewfinder, turn the lt 6 gt dial. It can be set within ISO 100-6400 in 1 3-stop increments. With A selected, the ISO speed will be set automatically p.58 . L, 100 - 200 400 - 800 1600 - 6400, H1, H2 No flash Sunny outdoors Overcast skies, evening Dark indoors or night The higher the ISO speed, the farther the flash range will be. If 8C.Fn II -3 Highlight tone priority is set to 1 Enable , the settable ISO speed range will be ISO 200 - 6400 p.177 . Using a...

Depth of Field Preview

Press the depth-of-field preview button to stop down the lens to the current aperture setting. You can check the depth of field range of acceptable focus through the viewfinder. A higher f number will make more of the foreground and background fall within acceptable focus. However, the viewfinder will look darker. If the depth of field is difficult to discern, hold down the depth-of-field preview button while turning the lt 6 gt dial. The exposure will be locked AE lock while the depth-of-field...

Advanced Operations

In the P Tv Av M B shooting modes, you can select the shutter speed, aperture, and other camera settings to change the exposure and obtain various effects. The M icon on the right of the page title indicates that the function can be used when the Mode Dial is set to lt P Tv Av M B gt . After you press the shutter button halfway and let go, the LCD panel and viewfinder information will remain displayed for about 4 sec. 0 . Functions which can be set in the P T A M B shooting modes are listed in...


Flash Sync Contacts

For detailed information, reference page numbers are provided in parentheses p. . lt AF-DRIVE gt AF mode selection Drive mode selection button p.78 85 lt IS0-ffl gt ISO speed setting Flash exposure compensation button p.57 103 lt U gt LCD panel illumination button p.99 lt WB gt Metering mode selection White balance selection button p.95 65 lt AF-DRIVE gt AF mode selection Drive mode selection button p.78 85 lt IS0-ffl gt ISO speed setting Flash exposure compensation button p.57 103 lt WB gt...

Fn Iii Af Microadjustment

Q Normally, this adjustment is not required. Do this adjustment only if necessary. Note that doing this adjustment may prevent correct focusing from being achieved. AF adjustment cannot be done during Live View shooting in Live and LiveU modes. I You can make fine adjustments for the AF's point of focus. It can be adjusted in 20 steps - Forward Backward . The adjustment amount of one step varies depending on the maximum aperture of the lens. Adjust, shoot A L , and check the focus. I Repeat to...

About Adobe RGB

This color space is mainly used for commercial printing and other industrial uses. This setting is not recommended if you do not know about image processing, Adobe RGB, and Design rule for Camera File System 2.0 Exif 2.21 . The image will look very subdued in the sRGB personal computer environment and with printers not compatible with Design rule for Camera File System 2.0 Exif 2.21 . Post-processing of the image with software will therefore be required. If the image is captured with the color...

Fn I Flash sync speed in Av mode

When flash is used with aperture-priority AE A , this prevents a slow flash-sync speed from being used in low-light conditions. Effective for preventing subject blur and camera shake. The only problem is that, while the subject will be properly exposed with the flash, the background will come out dark. The flash-sync speed is fixed to 1 200 sec. This better prevents subject blur and camera shake than with setting 1. However, the background will come out darker than with setting 1.

Fn II Auto Lighting Optimizer

If the images comes out dark or the contrast is low, the brightness and contrast are corrected automatically. For RAW images, the content of the settings in the camera can be applied when processed with Digital Photo Professional bundled software . 0 Standard 1 Low 2 Strong 3 Disable Depending on the shooting conditions, noise might increase. This function will not work if manual exposure or bulb exposure has been set. 0 In fully-automatic modes O S , Standard will be set automatically.

Lens Maximum Aperture and AF Sensitivity

With lenses whose maximum aperture is larger than f 5.6 With the center AF point, cross-type AF sensitive to both vertical and horizontal lines is possible. The remaining eight AF points are horizontal-line sensitive or vertical-line sensitive. With lenses whose maximum aperture is larger than f 2.8 With the center AF point, high-precision, cross-type AF sensitive to both vertical and horizontal lines is possible. The center AF point's sensitivity to vertical and horizontal lines is about twice...

Fn IV Add original decision data

Data for verifying whether the image is original or not is appended to the image automatically. When the shooting information of an image appended with the verification data is displayed p.129 , the lt fl gt icon will appear. To verify whether the image is original, the Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 sold separately is required. 3 The images are not compatible with the image encryption decryption features of Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3.

Open the cover and remove the battery

Press the battery release lever as shown by the arrow and remove the battery. To prevent short circuiting, be sure to attach the protective cover to the battery. o Only the Battery Pack LP-E6 can be used. After opening the battery compartment cover, be careful not to swing it back further.

About Auto Power

To save battery power, the camera turns off automatically after about 1 minute of non-operation. To turn on the camera again, just press the shutter button halfway p.35 . You can change the auto power-off time with the menu's 5 Auto power off setting p.44 . If you set the power switch to lt OFF gt while an image is being recorded to the card, Recording will be displayed and the power will turn off after the card finishes recording the image.

Fn III Lens AF stop button unction

The AF stop button is provided only on super telephoto IS lenses. AF operates only while the button is pressed. While the button is pressed, AF operation with the camera is disabled. 2 AE lock When the button is pressed, AE lock is applied. Convenient when you want to focus and meter at different parts of the picture. 3 AF point M 9 Auto Auto 9 center In the manual AF point selection mode, the button instantly switches to automatic AF point selection only while you hold it down. This is...

Getting Started

This chapter explains preparatory steps and basic camera operations. Attaching the Strap Pass the end of the strap through the camera's strap mount eyelet from the bottom. Then pass it through the strap's buckle as shown in the illustration. Pull the strap to take up any slack and make sure the strap will not loosen from the buckle. The eyepiece cover is also attached to the strap p.100 .

Set the parameter

Turn the lt gt dial to adjust the parameter as desired, then press Press the lt MENU gt button to save the adjusted parameter. The Picture Style selection screen will reappear. Any settings different from the default will be displayed in blue. By selecting Default set. in step 3, you can revert the respective Picture Style to its default parameter settings. To shoot with the Picture Style you modified, follow step 2 on the preceding page to select the modified Picture Style and then shoot.

Setting Exposure Compensation n

Exposure compensation is used to alter the standard exposure set by the camera. You can make the image look brighter increased exposure or darker decreased exposure . You can set the exposure compensation up to 2 stops in 1 3-stop increments. Increased exposure for a brighter image Increased exposure for a brighter image Decreased exposure for a darker image

Quick Start Guide

Attach the lens. p.31 Align the red dot. Insert the battery. p.26 To charge the battery, see page 24. Attach the lens. p.31 Align the red dot. Set the lens focus mode switch to lt AF gt . p.31 Open the slot cover and insert a card. p.29 Face the label side toward you and insert the end with the small holes into the camera.

H Auto Exposure Bracketing AEBN

By changing the shutter speed or aperture automatically, the camera brackets the exposure up to 2 stops in 1 3-stop increments for three successive shots. This is called AEB. AEB stands for Auto Exposure Bracketing. AEB amount When you exit the menu, lt on the LCD panel.

Playback the movie

Turn the lt gt dial to select 7 play , then press lt 0 gt . You can pause the movie playback by pressing lt 0 gt . During movie playback, you can adjust the sound volume by turning the lt 6 gt dial. For more details on the playback procedure, see the next page. Returns to the single-image display. Pressing lt gt toggles between play and stop. Adjust the slow motion speed by turning the lt Q gt dial. The slow-motion speed is indicated on the upper right. Each time you press lt gt , a single...

About the Dust Delete Data

After the Dust Delete Data is obtained, it is appended to all the JPEG and RAW images captured thereafter. Before an important shoot, you should update the Dust Delete Data by obtaining it again. To erase dust spots automatically with the bundled software, see the Software Instruction Manual in the CD-ROM. The Dust Delete Data appended to the image is so small that it hardly affects the image file size. Be sure to use a solid-white object such as a new sheet of white paper. If the paper has any...

Fn IV Assign SET button

You can assign a frequently-used function to lt 0 gt . When the camera is ready to shoot, you can press lt 0 gt . 0 Normal disabled 1 Image quality Press lt 0 gt to display the image-recording quality setting screen on the LCD monitor. Turn the or lt 0 gt dial to set the desired image- recording quality, then press lt 0 gt . 2 Picture Style Press lt 0 gt to display the Picture Style selection screen on the LCD monitor. Turn the or lt 0 gt dial to select a Picture Style, then Gives the same...

Set the white balance bracketing amount

In step 2 for white balance correction, when you turn the lt gt dial, the mark on the screen will change to 3 points . Turning the dial to the right sets the B A bracketing, and turning it to the left sets the M G bracketing. On the right side of the screen, BKT indicates the bracketing direction and the bracketing amount. Pressing the lt INF0. gt button will cancel all the WB SHIFT BKT settings. Press lt gt to exit the setting and return to the menu. The images will be bracketed in the...

Selecting a Folder

Lowest file number Quantity of images in folder With the Select folder screen displayed, turn the lt gt dial to select the desired folder, then press lt gt . The folder where the captured images will be saved will be selected. Subsequent captured images will be recorded into the selected folder. As with 100EOS5D for example, the folder name starts with three digits folder number followed by five alphanumeric characters. A folder can contain up to 9999 images file No. 0001 - 9999 . When a folder...

Canceling AEB

Follow steps 1 and 2 to turn off the AEB amount display. AEB will be canceled automatically when you set the power switch to lt OFF gt or when the flash is ready to fire. If the drive mode is set to lt gt , you must press the shutter button three times. When lt i gt is set and you hold down the shutter button completely, three shots will be taken continuously, then the camera will stop shooting. When lt Q gt or lt ik gt is set, the three bracketed shots will be taken after a 10-sec. or 2-sec....

Maximum Burst During Continuous Shooting

The maximum burst during continuous shooting indicated on the preceding page is the number of continuous shots that can be taken without stopping, based on a formatted 2GB card. The number is displayed in the viewfinder on the bottom right. If the maximum burst is 99 or higher, 99 will be displayed. The maximum burst is displayed even when a card is not in the camera. Make sure that a card is loaded before taking a picture. If 8C.Fn II -2 High ISO speed noise reduction is set to 2 Strong , the...

Manual Reset

To reset the file numbering to 0001 or to start from file number 0001 in a new folder When you reset the file numbering manually, a new folder is created automatically and the file numbering of images saved to that folder starts from 0001. This is convenient when you want to use different folders for the images taken yesterday and the ones taken today, for example. After the manual reset, the file numbering returns to continuous or auto reset. o If the file number in the folder No. 999 reaches...

Recompose and take the picture

If you want to maintain the AE lock while taking more shots, hold down the lt A gt button and press the shutter button to take another shot. AE lock is applied at the AF point that achieved focus. AE lock is applied at the selected AF point. AE lock is applied at the center AF point. When the lens' focus mode switch is set to lt MF gt , AE lock is applied at the center AF point. When the lens' focus mode switch is set to lt MF gt , AE lock is applied at the center AF point.

Set the auto rotate

Turn the lt gt dial to select the setting, then press lt gt . The vertical image is automatically rotated on both the camera's LCD monitor and on the personal computer. The vertical image is automatically rotated only on the personal computer. o Auto rotate will not work with vertical images captured while Auto rotate was Off . They will not rotate even if you later switch it to On for playback. Immediately after image capture, the vertical image will not be automatically rotated for the image...

Picture Style Effects

The image looks vivid, sharp, and crisp. This is a general-purpose Picture Style suitable for most scenes. This is set automatically in the lt D gt Full Auto mode. For nice skin tones. The image looks softer. Effective for close-ups of women or children. By changing the Color tone p.61 , you can adjust the skin tone. HI Landscape C Vivid blues and greens For vivid blues and greens, and very sharp and crisp images. Effective for impressive landscapes. This Picture Style is for users who prefer...