We live in an age of community, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention mine — those wonderful people who answered my calls, spent hours discussing technical details, and volunteered time and equipment to help me create this book. My hearty thanks go out to Bob and Shirley Hunsicker, my early mentors in photography and business at Pharos Studios in Princeton, New Jersey; to the master, Dean Collins, who taught me about light and to Rick Becker, of Becker Studios in New York City, who taught me how to use it; to the staff of Pro Photo Supply in Portland, especially Jim and Kevin; to John Waller of Uncage the Soul Productions; to Craig Strong and Keri Friedman at Lensbaby; and to Mark Fitzgerald, my friendly neighborhood Photoshop and Lightroom guru of the Digital Darkroom who started this whole process with a simple phone call.

My sincere thanks to Christopher Stolle, my eagle-eyed editor, for his most appreciated communication and encouragement.

To Courtney Allen, my first contact at Wiley, for her friendship and unflagging patience as she answered my hundreds of questions. May you always rock to the metal.

Finally, to the people at Wiley for their skillful editing, marketing insight, and constant support and encouragement.

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