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If you've set the camera to shoot any kind of bracketing sequence, either white balance or autoexposure, this Custom Function controls the behavior of the camera to cancel or retain settings:

► On. This setting cancels Autoexposure Bracketing (AEB) and White Balance Bracketing (WB-BKT) when the camera is turned off or if you clear the settings. If using flash, once it has recycled and is ready to fire again, AEB is also cancelled. In other words, it has to be set for each sequence. This is the default setting for AEB.

► Off. Your bracketing settings are retained for future shooting even if the camera is turned off. Flash readiness again cancels AEB, but the AEB settings are still recorded in the camera's memory.

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  • Immacolata
    How to setup auto bracketing on canon 5D mark ii?
    9 years ago

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