Fn Iii Af point selection method

To complement the nine selectable focus points are three options on how to set them. They all work equally as fast, and I know several photographers who use all three depending on the shooting situation. Try these out for a shooting session sometime. Although it might feel odd at first that pressing a familiar button doesn't produce the expected results, you may find a more intuitive workability and quicker response time with your newer function settings.

► 0. Normal. Press the AF Point selection/Magnify button and then use the Multi-controller, the Main dial, or the Quick Control dial to select an AF point. This is the default setting.

► 1. Multi-controller direct. With this selection, there's no need to press the AF Point selection/Magnify button first. Just press the Multi-controller and then scroll around to find the AF point you need. Pressing the AF Point selection button activates automatic AF point selection. This is very convenient for fast-moving assignments, such as weddings and sports. It takes only a bit of practice to hit all the points repeatedly and is quite good in speeding up AF point selection.

► 2. Quick Control Dial direct. Same as above, only this time you turn the Quick Control dial to manually select your AF point. In this mode, pressing the AF Point selection button and then turning the Main dial allows you to set the +/- exposure compensation.

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