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Several years ago, Canon introduced a dust removal procedure called Dust Mapping, which is found on your 5D Mark II at the bottom of the Shooting 2 menu as Dust Delete Data. It allows automated correction of dust to any image you shoot: RAW, JPEG, or the new sRAW setting. To use Dust Delete Data, follow these steps:

1. In Aperture Priority mode at f/22, take a photo of a solid white object (a piece of paper, a blank section of wall or ceiling, or something similar) by using a lens with a focal length of 50mm or longer. Because the image isn't saved, the data can still be obtained even if there's no CF card in the camera.

2. For the Dust Delete Data image, set the lens's focus switch to MF (Manual Focus mode) and then preset the focus to Infinity. If your lens doesn't have a focus distance scale, look at the front of the lens and turn the focus ring clockwise until it stops.

3. Position yourself no more than 1 foot from your subject — even though you've preset your lens's focus to Infinity.

4. In the camera's Shooting 2 menu, choose Dust Delete Data. The LCD monitor displays the last time this was performed, and by highlighting OK, you're telling the camera to take another test image. The camera performs its self-cleaning function automatically. With some models, you hear the shutter click one or more times — this isn't the actual test image.

5. Press the Shutter button when prompted. Once the camera assesses the information, the LCD monitor displays Data obtained if your target and technique were satisfactory. If not, try a different plain white test target, and be sure your lens is set as previously described.

6. Once you get the Data obtained display, highlight OK and then press the camera's Set button. Once you've created the Dust Delete Data test image, there's nothing more to do in-camera. Each image you take from that point onward has extra information added to it, identifying the size and precise location of any identified dust spots.

Be aware that the Dust Delete Data test image isn't a picture you see on your memory card. The camera simply records any data about dust size and location and applies this seamlessly to each image you take from that point forward. It has almost no effect on file size.

The latest RAW converters from Adobe — Lightroom and Camera Raw — also include automatic dust removal tools: the Remove Spots tool in Lightroom and the Retouch tool in Camera Raw.

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    How to set up dust delete data on canon 5d mk111?
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