Exploring Custom Functions

Custom Functions enable you to customize camera controls and operations to better suit your shooting style and thus save time. After you set a Custom Function option, it remains in effect until you change it. Some Custom Functions are handy for all shooting situations, whereas others are specific to different situations. For example, if you grow weary of pressing the AF Point selection button before manually selecting an AF point or using the Multi-controller, check out Custom Function III-3; it enables you to assign AF point selection to the Quick Control dial or the Multi-controller. This one function has saved me more time than the other Custom Functions combined.

The 5D Mark II offers 25 Custom Functions (with 71 possible settings) that enhance the ergonomics of the camera and easily facilitate your enjoyment of photography. Some Custom Functions are more broadly useful than others, whereas some may be more useful for specific shooting scenarios. Be sure to remember how you've set the Custom Functions (even writing them down is a good idea because the list is extensive) because some options change the behavior of the camera controls, and in some cases, they change the functioning of supertelephoto lens controls.

To select and set Custom Functions on the 5D Mark II, follow these steps:

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    What each of the fuction of the canon 5d mark 2?
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