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Welcome to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Field Guide. When the first 5D was introduced almost 4 years ago, photographers were overjoyed at the prospect of finally being able to shoot with a full-frame digital camera with a lightweight, compact design. Canon now ups the ante with the 5D Mark II and a host of fantastic improvements, including a new 21.1-megapixel sensor, a new DiG!C 4 image processor, a larger 3-inch auto-backlit LCD monitor with Live View, Auto ISO, and, probably most impressive to many, the addition of full high-definition, 1080p video capabilities.

This camera seriously heralds a paradigm shift for photographers and videographers alike. With the ability to create stills and movies with one device, untold opportunities have opened up for creative expression and multimedia, never before possible until now. New technologies have been incorporated into the new 5D Mark II to keep the sensor clean from dust, navigate the expanded menu system, create and register multiple custom camera settings, and achieve the highest level of image quality in a 35mm dSLR to date.

I'm as excited about the endless new capabilities this camera opens up as many of you must be, and writing this book has been an opportunity to delve into its features like I've never imagined. Features of the old 5D that I only dabbled with are now utilized daily and make perfect sense to speed up workflow and shooting functionality. Although many trusted features of the previous version of the 5D have been retained, this camera is truly a game-changer, and many of you will push this valuable tool to its limits. If it lacks a little speed in the frames-per-second area from the flagship EOS 1D Mark III, it more than makes up for it in stunningly beautiful images from its larger high-resolution sensor and faster processor.

This book is intended for those of us who are ready to embrace a new way of thinking about photography and video and who possess the desire to take their imagery, whether still or moving, beyond what they've ever accomplished before. I'm excited to share this journey with you as we explore the many new features, capabilities, and potential of the new 5D Mark II.


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