► 1. Image Quality. Pressing the Set button with this option activated opens the Image Quality screen on the LCD monitor. This is very useful in shooting situations, such as a wedding, where you know the images will have different output options or if you need to quickly shoot images for e-mailing. To use, press the Set button, use the Multi-controller to select the image-recording quality you want to use, and then press the Set button again to confirm.

► 2. Picture Style. Use the same procedure as above, but this time, the Set button calls up the Picture Styles selection screen on the LCD monitor.

► 3. Menu Display. This mimics the action of the Menu button while retaining the Menu button's function, which is useful in shooting situations where you're accessing the menu functions frequently.

► 4. Image Replay. This duplicates the action of pressing the Playback button to quickly review images and exposure settings.

► 5. Quick Control Screen. Pressing the Set button with this option chosen opens the Quick Control screen on the LCD monitor. Use the Multi-controller to select the value you want to change and the Main dial or the Quick Control dial to set them.

► 6. Record Movie (Live View). If you've enabled movie shooting in the Live View/Movie function settings menu, pressing the Set button begins shooting movies once Live View switches on and the camera is ready to record.

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