Overview and Trends

Once considered one of the lowliest forms of photographic genres, wedding photography took a turn in the early 1990s when several photographers from both coasts started offering shooting styles and packages that sought to record the day as it unfolded in a photojournalistic way rather than create a collection of stiff, posed photographs that contained few of the emotions and details of the day. Along with this, black-and-white images enjoyed yet another popularity spike with a modern audience, especially because of the powerful way these images depict composition, form, drama, and emotion. A photojournalistic approach is now the style du jour for many of today's modern brides and grooms and their friends.

Wedding clients spend more time looking for just the right person to capture the special moments of their day, and they expect a photographer who's knowledgeable about all the latest trends and styles and who's competent to produce images that creatively render both your clients and the newest fashions. That's why many wedding photographers keep up with the latest news by attending seminars, joining online forums and associations, and reading bridal magazines. A vast array of educational sources and inspirations are out there, and the field has grown to produce celebrity icons who travel the country to conduct seminars and workshops in the art and marketing of digital wedding photography.

13.1 Amy's father fades to the background in this traditional wedding portrait. ISO 800, f/7, 1/80 sec., with an EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens.

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Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

As a wedding photographer, you spend a lot of your time focusing on the business side of it. You want to provide your clients with the most beautiful pictures and you want to turn a profit for yourself. Beyond that, though, you should think about some other things. For example, as a photographer, you should know why someone should hire you over having his or her Uncle Vinny take charge of the photographs themselves.

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