Press the Menu button on the back of the camera and then use the Main dial to navigate to the Playback menu and the Quick control dial to select Erase images

2. Press the Set button. This opens the Erase images menu and gives you three choices: Select and erase images, All images in folder, or All images on card.

3. Press the Set button to make your selection. If you select the first option, Select and erase images, the last image you played back appears with the Erase icon and counter displayed in the top-left corner of the image. Press the Set button again to select that image for erasing. A blue check mark appears next to the Erase icon and the counter has increased by one. Should you change your mind and decide to keep the image, press the Set button again to remove the check mark. Scroll through the images with the Quick Control dial or the Main dial, pressing the Set button each time an image you want to erase appears. After you've made all your selections, press the Erase button.

4. Use the Quick Control dial to select OK. A progress screen is shown until all images you selected have been erased. The red access button lights while the images are being erased. The camera erases the image or images except those that have protection applied to them.

To erase all the images in a folder, follow these steps:

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