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Canon has expanded the capability to save your favorite or frequently used shooting and menu settings to the C modes — formally known as the Camera Settings modes — from one on the 5D to three on the 5D Mark II. C modes are an efficient way to spend less time adjusting camera settings and more time shooting. Expanding them to three means greater flexibility in shooting choices for the photographer.

Shooting settings that you can register to a C mode are:

► Shooting mode (any mode except Full or Creative Auto)

► AF point selection method

Exposure compensation

► Exposure settings: ISO, aperture, shutter speed

► Flash Exposure Compensation

► Metering mode

► White balance

Menu settings that you can register to a C mode are:

► Autoexposure bracketing

Auto rotate

Beep on or off

Color temperature

Color space

Custom Functions

Custom white balance

File-numbering method


Image quality

LCD brightness

Picture Styles

Review time

Shoot with or without a CF card

White balance shift/bracketing

Even after you register the modes and settings to a C mode, you can make ad-hoc changes as you shoot without switching out of the C modes. The changes you make aren't retained unless you register them, essentially overwriting the previous registered settings.

You can take several approaches to registering camera settings and using a C mode. One approach is to use C modes for everyday shooting by registering the modes, options, and Custom Functions that you use most often for subjects, such as portraits, close-ups, and so on. No matter what special situations you encounter that deviate from your standard settings, you can quickly return to your usual settings by switching to one of the C modes.

Another idea is to register a C mode setting for a specific shooting genre, such as studio portraits, weddings, or concert venues that you shoot in often. Whichever scenario suits your workflow, being able to quickly move to a preset group of settings saves a significant amount of time — time that's better spent shooting pictures.

When you register camera settings, the settings are saved and can be recalled when you set the Mode dial to C1, C2, or C3.

To register camera settings to any of the C modes (C1, C2, and C3), follow these steps:

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