Restoring the Cameras Default Settings

With all the different settings, you may sometimes want to start fresh instead of backtracking to reset individual settings. The 5D Mark II offers several restore settings, including a Clear all camera settings option as well as a Clear copyright info option that allows you to clear the information that you entered in EOS Utility. This option is a good way to start fresh, but be aware that it resets all shooting and image-quality settings back to the factory defaults.

In addition to the fresh-start advantage, I've found that a quick way out of any type of camera setting problem that you might encounter is to use the Clear all camera settings option. I was shooting a commercial assignment after I had changed a variety of camera settings and the method of choosing an AF point via a Custom Function. As the shoot began, I immediately noticed that the AF points didn't light in red, and the autofocus confirmation beep was ominously silent. In fact, the Shutter button didn't activate AF at all. I suspected that the problem was a conflict in the settings. I had recently rented the camera to my local newspaper to shoot a football game, and the photographer had switched the Autofocus mode away from the Shutter button. To keep the shoot moving, I quickly reset the camera to the defaults and then reset the image quality and color space. Resetting the defaults solved the conflict, and the camera performed great throughout the rest of the shoot.

If you customized the 5D Mark II and want to restore the default camera settings, follow these steps:

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