Two Classic Flash Techniques

Two of the most frequently used flash techniques are bounce flash and creating a catchlight in the subject's eyes. Bounce flash softens hard flash shadows by diffusing the flash light. Facilitate this by holding the flash in your left hand and the camera in your right. The Speedlite is connected to the camera with the Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2, a small coiled cord that contains all the connections your camera and flash need to communicate with each other.

To use bounce flash, turn the flash head so that it points up toward the ceiling or a nearby wall so that the light hits the ceiling or wall and spreads the flash illumination back into your scene. Your light source is now the broad surface you're bouncing your flash into. When the flash head is turned upward, the flash coverage is automatically set to 50mm if the Speedlite is set to automatic zooming.

To create catchlights in the subject's eyes by using a 580EX or a 580EX II flash, tilt the head up by 90% and then pull out the panels tucked into the flash head. One translucent is called the wide panel and is used with super-wide-angle lenses. There's a solid white panel behind the wide panel, and it's the catchlight panel. Push the wide panel back in, but leave the catchlight panel out. The panel kicks light into the eyes, creating catchlights that add a sense of vitality and sparkle to the eyes. For best results, try to position yourself within 5 feet of the subject.

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