Using a Speedlite as a secondary light

With location photography, the ambient light must be evaluated carefully to determine if it's adequate to use as the main light source. The ambient light can provide a sense of the subject's environment to help set the prevailing scene, particularly in indoor locations. I try to make the most of ambient light and use it as the main or fill light source when possible. As a result, I use Speedlites to boost ambient light, help define areas in a scene that are poorly lit, or creatively create edgier light.

To create the lighting setup, I mounted one 580EX on a lightweight light stand, shooting through a small white umbrella that was positioned to camera right at about a 40° angle. Another 580EX left undiffused was positioned on another light stand to the subject's right. This created separation between the subject and the background and produced a thin highlight that defines her right side.

7.10 An older Speedlite being used as a secondary light source with a PocketWizard MultiMAX as the triggering device.

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