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The new Live View mode can be used in any Shooting mode, including Auto, Creative Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual. Imagine the scene before you display it bright and clear on the 3-inch (920,000-dot VGA) rear LCD monitor displaying almost 100% coverage. Well, that's what you get from the anti-reflection and water-repellent-coated monitor that boasts a 170° viewing angle in vertical and horizontal viewing directions while you also enjoy presenting captured images or movies to the art director or an attentive audience standing behind the camera.

Access Live View by pressing the Live View button and enjoy composing images while holding the camera at arm's length, over your head, or down low on the ground. Another useful feature is the Live View movie mode, where the LCD automatically plays back your video in the correct 16:9 HD or 4:3 aspect ratio, with unused portions of the screen grayed-out. You also have the ability to set displays to stills, movies, or the new Exposure simulation setting, which approximates your final image exposure values right on the LCD monitor.

Picture Styles work with movies in the same manner they do with stills. Choose one of the highly saturated Picture Styles for fashion or sports shooting or go nostalgic and dramatic with one of the Monochrome tints and filters. The Picture Styles themselves can lend a feeling or a moodiness to your footage that can't be beat for its ease of use and accessibility. The Live View movie mode uses the same Picture Style you set for stills until you change it and records video in an sRGB equivalent color space optimized for movies.

Live View mode is the only way to view movies on the 5D Mark II outside of viewing remotely on a computer or a TV monitor. The reflex mirror needs to flip up to give the sensor access to the scene to be recorded, so Live View incorporates some controls to make shooting that way a little easier, such as two grid overlays for composing and three Autofocus modes.

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